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Overview: Person to Person...

Person to Person selling has been around since the 1800’s and is still the strongest closing ratios anywhere. Selling over the kitchen table opens many doors you may not expect like financial services, other insurance, annuities etc. Bottom line it lets you cross sell fairly easy.

We have several product lines we are selling “Person to Person” a few of the most popular are:

Life Insurance
Most agents selling life insurance usually have a natural market or are good at referrals. Some of the most common mailers are for estate planning or conservation, business planning or continuation, income replacement or debt repayment. We have some real solid agents / brokers selling small to large cases generating part time cash to full time multi-person operations making large incomes. At the end of the day lets face it, most of the products sold are really just a modified type life insurance.  
Mortgage Insurance
This product is very easy to get started with. Depending on your state we usually sell 50% or better as a non med type program with lots of bells and whistles like disability income, waiver of premium, critical care and return of premium to name a few. The placement ratio on this product line is very solid and anything done in front of the person is easier to place at the end. This product is sold mostly in the afternoon to evening though many do well getting day appointments as well. Good agents will make high 5 figure to 6 figure incomes.  
Final Expense
Final expense is a pretty simple concept for all of us to grasp, you will certainly not see much reduction in the need for this product in the near future as the senior population is literally exploding. Products are sold as a limited pay or continuous pay cycle. Generally targeted to low to mid income families unless you pick an affiliation group. Applications are extremely short and normally cases go through in 7 days or less.
Consumers these days are all about safety. This product line will offer you a way to be in front of consumers who are looking for long term relationships and safe places to place assets. Normally you will work with 50 years old and up as that is usually the best fit for Annuities. Lead programs can be direct mail or ad placement where as the consumer calls you. Annuities usually are a great way to cross market, most will need other services and who better to trust and work with than the person handling their assets.
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