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Overview: On-Line / Over the Phone Sales...

The On-Line or Over the Phone selling process has been around for quite some time, although until recently the process was very cumbersome and normally produced poor results for most. Averaging around 35% placement in general with a lot of work involved.

Some of the main challenges have been:
Quick quoting, choosing correct application for each state, mailing costs, chasing clients all the time, getting paid timely, mistakes by examiners, missed questions etc.

We have 3 separate product lines we are selling "On-Line or Over the Phone"

Life Insurance

We use a proprietary system which allows us to receive our internet or other leads directly into our system. We then quick quote multiple carriers, electronically create the application, digitally sign and get that application out the door. No Mail involved. The most important key with this process is that you need to have a minimum of 50% of your business go through a non med process on the front side even with all the great technology or you will still have tough placement ratios. We have several companies that let us quote a streamline process ranging from $2,500 all the way up to 1 million of coverage. We work with several quality lead providers for the on-line leads as well as a campaign where the consumer calls you to purchase the coverage, no out bound calling.

Mortgage Insurance

This product line has always been one of our best sellers. It is easy to understand and has great appeal to the consumer. Until a few years ago this product was sold solely person to person. Well this has definitely changed now and has become a remarkable program for success. Our average agent sells 80% of there cases with non-med products when done over the phone. No long delays in getting paid here. It is pricey to generate high quality leads but well worth it to not have to waist so much time in underwriting and calling. This is one of our campaigns working great with the consumer calling you, instead of you calling them. Both work just fine and we have agents finding success on both. Main products for this channel range from $25,00 - $500,000 non med.

Final Expense

Final expense has always had a great appeal to the average agent, less night time activity, normally a non-med process. Seniors are great to work with etc. The only problem is that many agents donít have a great market in there location or area and find generating enough leads very difficult. We have companies now that will do the entire process over the phone, no wet signatures required. Many of our agents have combined this process with delivering the policy in person to add extra value assuming the clients you sell are in your local area. Either way this is something that has been gaining more and more traction the last few years. Most products range from $2,500 - $25,000.
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