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Errors & Omissions Insurance

Need Errors & Omissions Insurance? Some companies require agents to have E&O coverage in order to get appointed. An E&O policy provides protection against claims arising out of errors, acts, or omissions of the insurance agent or any other covered person for whom the insured agent is legally liable in t he rendering of, or failing to render professional services for others in the capacity as an insurance agent and/or registered representative (if applicable).

Life Masters Insurance Services highly recommends having E&O Insurance due to E&O claims being filed on 1 out of 7 agents annually.

Companies that require E&O Insurance:

  • Loyal
  • Indianapolis Life
  • West Coast Life
  • Empire General
  • Union Central
  • United of Omaha
To obtain E&O Coverage, select the following link:

E&O Insurance is offered through several companies. All provide adequate coverage at a reasonable price. For applications, please contact any one of the following carriers:

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